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The Tobacco Theater

We didn’t want our conference to be different, which is why we chose for the Tobacco Theater on the Nes in Amsterdam. You wouldn’t expect it when walking down the idyllic Nes filled with theaters and restaurants, but this building and has a very rich history.

Het podium

HET PODIUM (or THE STAGE) is the main focus of our day as our inspirational speakers are lined up to share their knowledge and experience with you. We’ve asked 12 speakers from diverse backgrounds who are all connected to Amsterdam and our lively tech scene to give you something to talk about with your fellow visitors.

What to expect? Great talks that should lead to interesting conversations.

De huiskamer

DE HUISKAMER (or the LIVING ROOM) is where you can chill for a bit, engage with others or with the different content that we make available there. We’re asking some of our community peeps to use this room to bring our enthusiastic online banter to live.

What to expect? Amazing people to hang out with and curious content to engage with.

Het kantoor

HET KANTOOR (or THE OFFICE) We know that most of you go to conferences with your laptop, because we do the same. We don’t want you to go and work at our conference but if you do feel the need to have a short call, finish up some code or have a mini-meeting with others, we’ve thought of you.

What to expect? Our own little co-working space for the day.

De Ronde Tafels

DE RONDE TAFELS (or THE ROUND TABLES) We want you to be able to engage with the speakers at our conference, to have a real discussion with them instead of asking one question. Therefore we’re organising a set of 4 round table sessions where the 3 speakers of each content block will participate and you can ask them your questions.

What to expect? Serious head-to-head discussions with our speakers and visitor.


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