A conference about,
for and by Amsterdam's tech community.


Tobacco Theater
Nes 75, Amsterdam


31 March 2017

Our vision

We are the conference for all the people in tech, those that code, design, found companies or work for those that do.

We are the conference where talks are based on experience and where the goal is to learn from the vast pool of knowledge in our city.

We are the place to meet the best and brightest minds around, meet the actual makers of the products founded in Amsterdam for a reasonable price.

We are a conference for the technology scene, by the technology scene.

Our topics
  • Amsterdam as a tech hub
  • Building companies
  • Futurism

Speaker line-up

Nihn Bui

CEO, Phusion

About Ninh Bui

Ninh Bui is the co-founder and CEO of Phusion, a company that specializes itself in making awesome Unix software for highly demanding server environments. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and believes everyone has the power to shape their destiny through sheer perseverance.

Talk: "Confessions of a founder: My flirt with VC money"

Ninh is going to give you a rundown of his thoughts of why to or why not to take VC monies. The main takeaway he wants to share is that it’s possible to do it without VCs; something you admittedly don’t see covered a lot in media outlets. Where a VC investment is often being celebrated as the second coming of christ, it’s implications are often overlooked. It’s like celebrating a mortgage, who does that?

Jan Jongboom

Developer Evangelist IoT,

About Jan Jongboom

Jan Jongboom is working as Developer Evangelist IoT for ARM, and always on the lookout on how to connect the web with the real world. He loves doing unexpected stuff with sensors, flying drones from the browser, and breaking phones. Before ARM he was a core contributor to Firefox OS, and he wrote hundreds of patches to various open source projects. He's also a Google Developer Expert for Web technologies.

Alper Çuğun

Design Strategist & Writer

About Alper Çuğun

Alper is an Amsterdam original who moved to Berlin a few years ago to help companies undergoing digital transformation to define new strategies and execute them. While working on various digital projects he recently wrote Designing Conversational Interfaces, a book for designers, developers and founders containing practical guidelines about how to create messaging applications that people will love to use.

Talk: "Conversational Interfaces"

Alper is a great fit for our Futurism topic and will be talking about the future of conversational interfaces and the impact these chat-like experiences will have on our day-to-day activities and lives.


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The venue

The conference will be held in the secretive Tobacco Theater. Upon arrival, the first thing you’ll notice is the industrial-style bar and the steel balcony. Thanks to the historical shed roofing, the daylight livens up the theatre. You’re shown a small and sunny glimpse of the rich history of the old tobacco auction house.

This secret location in the heart of Amsterdam has been the stage for many amazing theatre dinners, international product presentations and music presentations, congresses, events, and loving theatre performances and will be the location for AMSxTech 2017 conference.

Conference team

These amazing people are putting in their time to make sure you have an amazing conference. Don't forget to give them a shout out on twitter or slack if you appreciate their work.

Justin Halsall

/ Slack: @justin

Technology Evangelist, AMSxTech co-founder, EuRuKo 2012 Organizer and cocktail enthusiast.

Padraig McKee

/ Slack: @paddy

Designer, AMSxTech co-founder and theatrical genius.

Joost Elfering

/ Slack: @yopefonic

CTO Yippie!, AMSxTech conference instigator and sober pottymouth.

Benjamin Udink ten Cate

/ Slack: @ben

Developer hero for hire, Founder of leipeshit.com, unlicensed security person and super beard!

Timon Vonk

/ Slack: @timonv

CTO Tolq.com, EuRuKo 2012 Organizer, surprisingly strong but can't resist a burrito.

Catherina Kowsoleea

/ Slack: @catherina

Data Strategist team lead, female version of "the Wolf" from Pulp Fiction, movie buff.

Matijs van Zuijlen

/ Slack: @mvz

Senior Ruby Developer, one of the awesome people behind Kanker.nl, he is a metaphor for geo-fiction.

Tonći Galić

/ Slack: @tuxified

Software Craftsman @KabisaICT, Amsterdam Elixir co-organiser, knows more programming languages than he has fingers and toes.

Michal Lorenc

/ Slack: @michal

Lawyer and Startup legal expert, Michal... Michal Michal!

Rayta van Rijswijk

/ Slack: @rayta

Loves technology and #TEDxAmsWomen superstar.

Milan van den Bovenkamp

/ Slack: @milann

Goes by the name of Community Jesus.

Bas Scheele

/ Slack: @basscheele

Our corporate star. Analyst at Boer & Croon



  • What is AMSxTech Conference and who is it for?

    AMSxTech Conference is a one-day technology conference held in Amsterdam. We are the conference for all the people in tech, those that code, design, found companies or work for those that do.

  • What can I expect?

    Expect experienced talks by local and international speakers. Learn from the vast pool of knowledge in our city and socialize with the best and brightest minds from the industry.

  • When does the conference start?

    The conference is held on 31 March 2017 and will start at 09:00.

  • I would like to help organize — how do I get involved?

    Cool! Send us an email to conference@amsxtech.com and we'll get back to you shortly.

  • Can I get video recordings of the talks?

    All talks will be filmed and shared on our website shortly after the event.

  • How can I receive your news and announcements?

    Sign up for our newsletter and conference updates here.


  • When does the online registration open?

    Online registration starts on 21 September 2016 at 12:00 CET.

  • How do I register?

    You can register by buying a conference ticket here.

  • How much are the tickets?

    The tickets will be released in two batches: Early bird and Regular. There's also a special Supporters conference ticket if you want to give us some extra support.

    Early bird ticket €139
    Regular ticket €189
    Supporters ticket €399
  • Why is there a fee to attend?

    Organizing an event obviously comes with costs and expenses. We want to keep this conference as accessible as possible so our goal is to keep the ticket price as affordable as we can.

  • Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

    You can change the attendee name by following the link in your ticket confirmation email. If you wish to transfer full control of your ticket to someone else contact tickets@amsxtech.com.

    Speakers and Partnerships

  • I would like to speak or perform — how can I apply?

    Awesome. You can submit your proposal until the 14th of December, when the Call for Proposal closes. You can find out more and submit your proposal here. If you have further questions, send us an email to speakers@amsxtech.com

  • How can my company get involved as a partner or sponsor?

    Cool. Send an email to partnerships@amsxtech.com and we'll get back to you ASAP.

Our partners

Interested in becoming a partner? Contact partnerships@amsxtech.com