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Tobacco Theater, 31 March

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Build bridges not walls

AMSxTech is a non-profit grassroots community that focuses on building bridges between the tech professionals in Amsterdam. We've decided to pan out from our successful curated community to organize a conference focused on connecting people, providing inspiring content and focus on what's happening in this great city of ours.

The conference

We've defined four key topics and provide multiple speakers on each topic, providing different views and opinions. Next to this inspiring stage there are round-table sessions where you can engage with our speakers and other experts; a 'huiskamer' where you can chill and talk to your fellow visitors, and a 'kantoor' for those that need to get a bit for work done before the end of the week.

Topic 1: Amsterdam as a Tech Hub

A place as a crossroad of technology, business and finance; Amsterdam is a great place to go and stay. International connections, a major airport, and multi-lingual people. Expect trends and drifts affecting our local communities, the city as a liveable place, and its relation with the rest of the world. Don’t expect the rationale of XXX, expect what it means for the speakers.

Kajsa Ollongren

Deputy Mayor Amsterdam

Steven van Wel

Founder & Entrepreneur

Martijn Roordink

Founder Spaces

Topic 2: Social Impact of Technology

There’s no healthy future without social impact. There’s more than money that businesses can focus on, cash is not a goal it’s a means. These speakers talk optimistically about a brighter future; this way our children, businesses, and governments everywhere can learn and thrive from a positive mark on the world. Expect entrepreneurs that see more value in social good, that fix the world and make money.

Roebyem Anders

Solar Warrior


Professor Delft University of Technology


7 March

Topic 3: Building Healthy Companies

You can build a business in so many ways; you can take that investor money, or you can go fund it yourself. Considering the options can be tough in the moment, in hindsight it’s always easier, and that’s what building businesses is about. Speakers in this topic talk about how they did it on a meta level. Expect stories on board room meetings, on the tough decisions at the most zero-hour times, and how every decision forms situations.

Ninh Bui

Founder & CEO Phusion

Spencer Beckford

Founder & Engineer

Stefan Fountain

Founder & Maker

Topic 4: Futurism

What the future holds is of great value and mystery; what will happen and how fast, or if it happens at all. Every invention is validated by time, and the beauty lies in discussing that. Our 3 speakers in this topic explore developments which are either the future or are their ahead of their time in a great way. No flying cars, expect bio-hacking, new interfaces and everything being connected (and able to be hacked).

Alper Cugun

Design Strategist & Author

Jan Jongboom

Developer Evangelist


14 March


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