AMSxTech is a non-profit grassroots community that focuses on building bridges between the tech professionals in Amsterdam. We've decided to pan out from our successful curated community to organize a conference focused on connecting people, providing inspiring content and focus on what's happening in this great city of ours.

We are a tech-minded community of Amsterdammers who work in the very diverse Tech scene. Our volunteers organise non-profit events and a conference to help our community grow both professionally and socially. Founded in 2015 and 750+ members.

Our community consists of developers, designers, marketeers, founders, data analysts and every other technology profession the Amsterdam Tech-Scene has.

Conference team

These amazing people are putting in their time to make sure you have an amazing conference. Don't forget to give them a shout out on twitter or slack if you appreciate their work.

Justin Halsall

/ Slack: @justin

Technology Evangelist, AMSxTech co-founder, EuRuKo 2012 Organizer and cocktail enthusiast.

Padraig McKee

/ Slack: @paddy

Designer, AMSxTech co-founder and theatrical genius.

Joost Elfering

/ Slack: @yopefonic

CTO Yippie!, AMSxTech conference instigator and sober pottymouth.

Benjamin Udink ten Cate

/ Slack: @ben

Developer hero for hire, Founder of, unlicensed security person and super beard!

Timon Vonk

/ Slack: @timonv

CTO, EuRuKo 2012 Organizer, surprisingly strong but can't resist a burrito.

Catherina Kowsoleea

/ Slack: @catherina

Data Strategist team lead, female version of "the Wolf" from Pulp Fiction, movie buff.

Matijs van Zuijlen

/ Slack: @mvz

Senior Ruby Developer, one of the awesome people behind, he is a metaphor for geo-fiction.

Tonći Galić

/ Slack: @tuxified

Software Craftsman @KabisaICT, Amsterdam Elixir co-organiser, knows more programming languages than he has fingers and toes.

Michal Lorenc

/ Slack: @michal

Lawyer and Startup legal expert, Michal... Michal Michal!

Rayta van Rijswijk

/ Slack: @rayta

Loves technology and #TEDxAmsWomen superstar.

Milan van den Bovenkamp

/ Slack: @milann

Goes by the name of Community Jesus.

Sjors Mahler

/ Slack: @sjorsmahler

Great with growth.


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