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Call for Papers

Become one of our speakers at AMSxTech Conference 2017!

What kind of talks are we looking for?

Our conference on March 31st 2017 focuses on the Amsterdam tech scene, is organised by its members, and showcases its best initiatives and highlights.

AMSxTech Conference is a conference by and for the makers of the Amsterdam tech scene. We are looking for topics in the following broad areas:

  • Cutting edge/futurism
  • Data (and adjacent things like machine learning)
  • Amsterdam as a tech hub
  • Building companies/teams
  • Social responsibility
  • Growing beyond the Dutch borders (aka. Growing out of our small frog land)

We want to hear stories from your day-to-day work making interesting and surprising things with tech, the ups and downs: What are you helping to build that will put Amsterdam on the technological map? How does that hot new technology really work out in practice? How are you dealing with the growth of the technology sector? We want stories from the trenches to complement blue sky vistas.

Our sessions are 20 minutes each. We intend to provide plenty of opportunity for speakers and audience to interact outside the sessions, so you do not have to allow for Q&A during the session.

We welcome alternative formats such as live coding, demoing, interperative dance, etc.

Who will be your audience?

Your audience will consist of 350 makers in the broadest sense of the word: Designers, programmers, product managers, founders, growth hackers;

This means that in your talk you shouldn't assume background knowledge on your technology. You should, however, assume curiosity outside each audience member's niche competence: Everyone is there to learn something new and be inspired by the previously unknown. Also, don't be afraid to go into detail when necessary.

First time speaker?

We offer guidance throughout the months leading up to the conference to help you prepare and finetune your talk. A week before the conference we organise a speaking masterclass with experienced speakers, where you can do a dry run of your talk and where we'll give you useful guidance and advice. Your talk will be great and you'll be perfectly prepared for the conference.

How will we select proposals?

We do our best to base the selection on the quality of the submission and its value for the conference. As such, diversity and quality of talks are more important than a speakers fame.

When to submit?

The CfP will close on the 14th of December. We’ll let you know whether you have been chosen before the end of January.

We are looking forward to reading your proposal. In the mean time, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. See you at AMSxTech Conference 2017!